Problem saving Trelliscopejs plot as HTML document

Hello, I have developed a facet plot using ggplot2 and trelliscope in R Studio. Here is the code below:

country_data2 <- gapminder |> 
  filter(year %in% c(1987,1992,1997,2002,2007)) |> 
  filter(country %in% c("Nigeria","Algeria","Mali","Togo",
                        "Brazil","Bolivia","Canada","United States"))

gggt <- country_data2 |> 
  ggplot()+aes(x = year,y = lifeExp,color = country)+geom_line(size = 2)+
  facet_trelliscope(~continent,nrow = 2,ncol = 2,as_plotly = T,thumb = T,
                    width = 1300,height = 800)+geom_point(size = 3)+ggthemes::theme_hc()+
  labs(title = "Life Expectancy Over Time")

The plot renders well in my viewer, but when I try to save it as a HTML document, I get a blank HTML document, with the error message below:

Couldn't load config: file:///C:/Users/IFEANYI/Documents/trelliscopejs/appfiles/config.jsonp?__loadTrscopeConfig__61d277f0=jsonp_naiooijk6kizwfn

I do not know if it has anything to do with the installation of trelliscopejs or the creation of a project directory.

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