Problem with loading already installed package

I am trying to use a package called "Compind" . I also need to install "lpSolveAPI" (as part of the "Compind" package). I tried to install package in "library/Framework/R.framework/Versions/4.0/Resources/library" that, I think, is standard. I am using Mac.

However, package "lpSolveAPI" was installed in '/private/var/folders/cp/..........' instead of library. Please see the picture. When I load that package, there was an error saying there is no package called 'lpSolveAPI'. Actually it was already installed.

My computer used to install other R packages in library. I don't know what happen. Although the package was already installed, I cannot load it.
Could anyone please help my problem? Thank you very much.
ZM Win

Actually, the package is not being installed at all, the error message says "ERROR: compilation failed for package 'lpSolveAPI'" It seems you are missing the Fortran compiler in your system.

From the official CRAN documentation for macOS system:

We now use Apple Xcode 10.1 and GNU Fortran 8.2 from

Thank you very much.

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