Project at University: how to transform this raw data into something I can work with?

Hello There,

I am a participator of a quality project at the university where we've given some random data from the industry. I have a raw data which just contains some strings, there is no order for rows/columns.

Question: How Can I Transform this Data into a format that i receive a headline, rows, columns - naturally assigned accordingly.

I know that i have to remove the "," but i dunno how i should go on.


Take a look at the read.csv() function.

Also, I suggest you read this post:

If you're using RStudio, you might also try the data import wizard:

It will help you figure out how to import your data file, and it shows you the code it is constructing that does all the work :grinning:, so it's a great first step if you're feeling baffled :dizzy_face: by writing the code directly.

Another great resource is this Data Import Cheatsheet:

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