Project Hours increasing while not working on project.

Since I am currently using the free version of RStudio Cloud, I have been closely monitoring my project hours. Yesterday, I finished up with it sayings 7.7 hours. When I came back today it was at ~11.7 hours. I had accidentally left a tab open looking at RStudio plans while logged in. Do hours on RStudio (even when a project isn't open/active) count towards your available project hours???


Hours still counting up while I'm offline (no tabs open), and the course/organisation project hours that aren't supposed to count are also being added to my individual project hours.


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your project hours. If you don't mind sharing the project URL we would be happy to investigate. You can send me a DM with the URL if you prefer not to post it. Could you please also elaborate on problem with the course/organization project hours? A URL for a project which you believe should be accounted for differently would also be helpful.


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