Project hours used on shared link

I am sharing a link to a project in my workspace (not a shared workspace). It seems like my project hours are getting burned when students click that link. However, my understanding was that that should open a temporary copy in their RStudio Cloud account and would not use up my project hours.

This is the link to the project. There is nothing there really. Just a link so students can see what a project looks like in RStudio Cloud

Hi @e2holmes,

Sorry for the late response on this!

Your understanding is correct -- if you're sharing a link to a public project in Your Workspace, it should not consume hours on your account when your students open/create copies, temporary or otherwise.

If you are still seeing this, could you share some more details about what you're encountering? If you were seeing unexpected usage, what timeframe did it happen?

Thank you!


It is still happening. I think it happens when the students use a Temporary Copy rather than saving a Permanent Copy. I give them this link

They play around with it in their account with 'Temporary Copy' still shown in the top nav bar, and the time they spend playing with the Temporary Copy gets put on my account.

I still have 2 weeks before I'd like them to work in RStudio Cloud for a homework problem, but need to get this solved or else I'll just have to demo it. I have 100+ students. They only need to use about 1 hr, but they'll quickly burn through my hours. I'll tell them to save a permanent copy, which will hopefully help, but if any forget, they'll quickly burn through my hours.

I'm thinking as a backup, I'll make a dummy account and have the workspaces that student use there. That way they won't lock up the account that I am using for teaching by blowing through my hours. First I'll need to burn through hours on the dummy account and see if students can still use the link to the workspaces on a free account with no hours left.


My earlier response to this post was deleted, but your experience is similar to mine. I have 20 students in a 10 week course and I burned all my instructor hours before the 2nd week was over. My students all purchased the "plus" account for $5 too. I am personally looking at probably a $50 per month bill based on the usage I am seeing.

I am not sure what RStudio has in mind for these instructor accounts, but given the current set up there is no way I could use it with my normal load of about 80 students a semester using RStudio.

Hi @e2holmes ,

I'd like to dig into this a bit more -- temporary copies of public projects shared from Your Workspace that other people open shouldn't use your account's project hours. Would you DM me your account id and some time frames you've noticed this happening? That should help us investigate further.

Thank you,

Hi @politicalEconomist ,

We deleted your other response because of the separate post you made, just to keep things clear (and just to let you know). I responded over there, I hope it's helpful.


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