Project won't stop

In one of my RStudio projects I ran a single line of code:

Hs = c(5, 4.82)

It has not finished being executed and I cannot stop it working. I have terminated RStudio, restarted my laptop but when I restart RStudio it still appears to be running the code. I cannot open any other projects or stop the troublesome project other than by termination. But even then the project comes back to life when I restart RStudio.
What can I do to kill this project?

PS: I have reinstalled RStudio. No improvement. It may be relevant, but I do not see how, that the line of code was from an old file that I created nearly 5 years ago.

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot I marked this to take a look at it later.

Try disabling the "Restore .RData into workspace at startup" option

If the IDE is not responsive enough to do that, delete any .RData files in your default working environment.

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