Projects failing to load, task failure

"Loading Project" icon appears, but the project (or a new untitled project) fails to load. Specific error given is:

Task 563034584 failed: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 563034586 error: Unhandled Exception: {"message":"VolumeDriver.Mount: Error mounting volume_name='volume-828545': Failed to map image='1c0f767e-1bb0-4e36-9115-4b4130f3a6ac': Error running command: 'sudo -u root rbd nbd map

Could you please post the link to the project you're trying to load? It should be in the format of<NUMBER HERE>.

I'm having similar problem. I can access the project site myself but students cannot access the project (which is public) with similar "Failed to map image" error message.

My project link is:

Thanks for the link. Can confirm — I'll let the cloud engineers know.

There are two particular projects I have been attempting to load:

Although I receive the same error regardless of a project -- simply opening up a new untitled project will produce the same task error. The most recent new untitled project producing this error:

I don't have access to the projects (they must be private), but the error's confirmed. So, not a problem at this point. Thanks.


Thanks for reporting these issues, and apologies for the trouble!

We've discovered an issue with a subset of volumes which prevented new and copied projects from being properly initialized. The issue appears to be rectified, but we are monitoring for re-occurrences.

Projects that fit this criteria are those which are unable to be opened and were created between 7:30a and 10:30a EST today, 11/6. You can safely delete these projects as they were never able to be properly opened (so no unique data will be found in them) and they will never be able to be opened.


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The projects appear to be loading for me now, thank you!