PSA: R 4.1.0 release requires RStudio Preview

R 4.1.0 was released today! It includes a whole bunch of new features, including a new graphics engine, new syntax for pipes and lambdas, and other good stuff. There's a good summary of these syntax changes here:

Because of these changes, you will need an updated version of RStudio to work with R 4.1. Support for R 4.1's new features is a big part of our upcoming patch release, which you can download here:

You can still use older releases of RStudio with R 4.1, but they don't have support for the new syntax (so you'll see syntax errors), and you may experience crashes when plotting due to the graphics engine change.

This preview release is stable for day-to-day work; it is undergoing final certification checks and should be available as the official release in just a few weeks.


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