Publish Bookdown project to Rstudio Connect from Git

Using bookdown from: new project --> new directory --> Book project using bookdown, I got a bookdown template which I could compile it on my RStudio desktop and I am able to publish it to RStudio connect via publish button.

However, when I'm trying to publish the same project from git to RStudio Connect, there is no error in th log regarding the deployment but when I open the deployed document I have the : 404 page not found !
I know that for publishing from git, I need the manifest file which in this case I created inside my bookdown project and pushed it to git as well.

During the deployment from git, one of the options in the dialog box is :
The following directories contain manifest.json files. Select one:
and my only choice is the [root directory], since I do not have any directory in my bookdown project.
Would be great if you could help me figuring out this issue ! shall I put the manifest file in a seperate directory or is there special configuration or folder structure needed for publishing the bookdown document to connect via git ?

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