Purchasing power of different salary in different places

I have a data frame likes this

salary      city purchase_power
  114546 Rochester              0
  145566  New York              0
  124412    Austin              0
  133363 Rochester              0
  131746  New York              0
  119851    Austin              0
  109070 Rochester              0
  126675    Austin              0
  109344 Rochester              0
 122935  New York              0

It has three columns, the first column is salary and the second column is the city corresponding to the salary. I need to calculate the purchasing power of the salary in its corresponding city.

The purchasing power should take into account of factors like income tax rate, housing expenditure, food cost, etc.

I think I need data from some website like this
My question is how can I automatically do this, I will have more than 100 different salaries and cities to calculate their purchasing power.

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