Python: where to start for a tidyverse lover

Hello everyone
A year ago here, I learned to start learning R with R for data science by Hadley Wickham. it was a smooth start and a lovely ride. thanks to it I significantly furthered my carrier in medical research (also courtesy to this community).
Now I aim to step into the world of machine learning for data science and learn Python; yet once again I'm overwhelmed by the plethora of resources.

Which resource would you suggest for start? is there an developer-author like Hadley Wickham in python? also is there an equivalent to tidyverse in Python? does Panda qualify?

Thank you all in advance.

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Maybe have a look at pandas and plotting libraries like seaborn.

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Just a side note to say that plenty of machine learning for data science happens over here in the R world also... though learning other programming languages is great to do.

see Tidy Modeling with R (

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Thanks for the reply. could you please introduce a good study resource for ML in R where the author uses tidyverse style? something for a beginner in ML

Tidy Modeling with R seems like the place to start. I believe a print edition is forthcoming. tidymodels is still developing and has some weak points, but it does provide a unified interface to many disparate modeling packages, which is very valuable.

As for getting started with Python, you might try reading some notebooks on Kaggle to get a sense of which frameworks are popular there, and then seek out a book or an online course that teaches them.

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And 10 minutes to Pandas. Which is a lot more involved than 10 minutes. 10 minutes to pandas — pandas 1.4.3 documentation


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