quarto 'command not found' in RStudio terminal

I am using Quarto that came installed with the most current RStudio version (2022.07.1 Build 554) in Windows
It is working well and rendering from RStudio.
However- cannot run quarto commands in the terminal: in the RStudio IDE terminal, not finding quarto ("bash: quarto: comand not found" error).

within RStudio R console is detecting Quarto just fine (in the RStudio program folder).

This is essentially the same issue as 138065 - discussion died without apparent solution.

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note: i am currently using the RStudio bundled Quarto. I previously installed Quarto standalone, but uninstalled it. That installation was giving me a conflict because it was not using the most updated R installation.

I got that same error when i was using the git bash terminal in Rstudio
Switch your terminal window to the command prompt and see if that works.

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Yes! that did it, thanks.
Honestly I didn't even see that you could have multiple Terminals open before, and that you could change the new Terminal option under the settings.

note: this works from terminal in RStudio now (which is what I need). The System terminal, Powershell etc outside of RStudio still won't recognize Quarto since I didn't install it outside of RStudio (which I think is expected, and is fine for my uses at the moment)

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Command prompt didn't work for me, but I could get PowerShell to recognise quarto