Quick question re: data in reactive function in shiny

Hello, is there a way through which I could VIEW the data created within a reactive function? Thank you!

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I think this shiny debugging guide could help you.

Assuming you're running Shiny on your own computer and not on a server, you can use the View() function (note that starts with a capital V) to open a variable in a spreadsheet-like tab inside RStudio. If the variable is a relatively short vector, it's also easy to just print() it, in which case the result will show up in your console.

Just add the commands to your reactive code. With print() you'll also find out how often that code is running, which may surprise you.

You want to remove these before you upload the file to your server, however, View() will crash the server and print() shows up in the server's log (which can be useful sometimes).


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