R-CMD-check Github Action fails on Bioconductor package in R-devel

I have a Github Action (slightly modified check-standard.yaml from r-lib/actions) that is failing when trying to install a package dependency from Bioconductor (Biobase) during the development run of the checks (R-devel), which is currently R 4.2. I am getting the error:

Bioconductor does not yet build and check packages for R version 4.2

I have set up a GitHub repository that replicates the issue here:

From the website and the Bioconductor installation instructions here:


it looks like this may not be possible from mid-April to mid-October, after which the Bioconductor development cycle catches up to the R-devel in mid-October. However, my intuition tells me it should be possible to install a dev version of Biobase in a R-devel environment.

I could simply disable the check for R-devel, but this does not feel like a satisfying solution.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

I think what you say is basically correct, Bioconductor release versions are tied to specific versions of R, so the current Bioc-devel is tied to R 4.1, and there is no current equivalent for R version 4.2 (current R devel).

Whaa? My intuition was wrong? :smile:
Ok, I'll work around it.
Thanks Jim.

I'm experiencing the same issue, I would be gratefull with any advance about this topic.

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