R CMD INSTALL invalid package

I'm having yet another stupid day:

on ubuntu 20.04 bash shell:

sudo R CMD INSTALL shiny
[sudo] password for dutky: 
Warning: invalid package ‘shiny’
Error: ERROR: no packages specified

succeeds using install.packages("shiny") in R session. Same happens with all packages so far

With R CMD INSTALL you have to supply a local directory or tar file, not a CRAN package:

$ R CMD INSTALL --help
Usage: R CMD INSTALL [options] pkgs

Install the add-on packages specified by pkgs.  The elements of pkgs can
be relative or absolute paths to directories with the package
sources, or to gzipped package 'tar' archives. 

On the CLI you can use also

Rscript -e "install.packages('shiny')"

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