R equivalent of SQL Server DATENAME() function


I'm aware of R's function to get labels from month numbers using the month function month = month(month, label = TRUE). But is there a way to do this on a database without collecting the results to be evaluated in R?

Note I'm looking for a SQL SERVER equivalent of DATENAME().

On second thought, I have opted to go with this solution where I wrap the SQL with sql() from dplyr.

month = sql(LEFT(DATENAME(mm,my_date),3))

I would love to know alternative solutions too.

If you are using dbplyr, then month() will translate into DATENAME for MS SQL databases: dbplyr/backend-mssql.R at 47e53ce30402d41ae4b38c803de12e63d64a9b6c · tidyverse/dbplyr · GitHub

Two things I would like to achieve - (1) Get the month name (2) get the months in an ordered format. So far, month() gives me the month number and not the name. and when I use the method I suggested, I have a character vector of month names that are not ordered in the natural order.

Thanks for your suggestion, I was able to get it working with mutate(month = month(my_date, label = TRUE, abbr = FALSE)). I later did the ordering post collect().

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