R logging: log4r, loggit, futile.logger etc.

Whats the deal with the multiple R logging packages? Is there any utility in going for a different option than the (seems like) people's standard, the futile.logger? I am all for ease of use(good documentation included), don't want to spend that much thought in logging.


Yeah, I've asked myself the same question. There was a period of time when you had like 5 logging packages appearing out of nowhere. Not sure whether there is any actual reason behind that.

What I can tell is that owner and maintainer of futile.logger is VERY unresponsive (literally years to respond to PR), so that could be one of the reasons. Personally, I've found loggit to better fit for what I need it for so I switched.


Loggit at the first glance looks to be very much suitable for shiny app. I don't have logging included in my app yet, and right now I am mostly motivated by adding logging into database update scripts. I will probably start with loggit, no need for going too complex on this for me.

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At the end, I could not resist and tried to dig a lil bit deeper using logger package. So my confusion
with logging continues here :grinning:.

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