R markdown, hide messages

I am using markdown to create a document with a bunch of visualizations. I am creating all of the plots in code chunks and saving them as objects. I am then printing them at the end of the document in separate chunks.

I'm trying to hide all of the code, messages, errors, etc. to keep the document clean.

This is what I'm using as the first line of code in the chunks.

```{r include=TRUE, echo=FALSE, warning=FALSE, message=FALSE}

I am still getting the following message printed after my plots.

## Joining, by = "variable"

This must be referencing an inner_join() when joining and the variable labels from a separate data frame for generating labels for ggplot.

Any idea how to keep this from showing up in the document?

Can you recreate the behavior with a boiled down R markdown file that you can post here?

Hi @shp5009,
Try adding an R chunk like this to suppress unwanted messaging:

{r, echo=FALSE}
band_members %>% inner_join(band_instruments)    # From Examples in help
suppressMessages(band_members %>% inner_join(band_instruments))


Thanks! That worked great.

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