R or R-studio installation folders

Hi all,
I'm on a new machine, and new OS (Linux Mint). When I installed R or R studio, it made an R folder in my /home/baabob directory. I don't actually want a directory here, and I moved it to the /opt folder where I have my other 3rd party softwares' folders. But when I opened R Studio next time, it recreated this R folder in my /home/baabob directory. I don't see any settings that could address this behavior in R Studio (but maybe it's base R doing this...I'm not sure). I don't want this folder cluttering up my home directory -- all my code will be in individual project directories. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this directory and redirect any default traffic to the /opt folder? thx!

That R folder is for installing libraries for your specific user, if you don't want to have that folder, take out that path from your .libPaths()


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