R + Python in IDE: experiences

A while back I asked this question, and since then RStudio have come out with the very promising reticulate package, as well as native support for Python in the IDE, which is fantastic.

I was just wondering what the experiences are like for those out there using Python in the IDE. Would anybody like to share? I, for one, had problems with matplotlib -- I had it installed, I was using the correct version of Python (forced with py_config()), but it wouldn't work. Then, voilá, just started working recently (I'm using the daily builds, perhaps it was something there).

Has anybody had any problems? Any tips?


just tried it in RMarkdown looks amazing but I really miss code completion, is there but i'm missing it?

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Code completion for Python is coming - you can get it now in the v1.2 preview release of RStudio, or wait until the official 1.2 release is out.


It is fantastic that you can work with python files in the RStudio IDE. Two suggestions I would like to make

  • Support for document outline in *.py files. I really like this feature in R scripts
  • Environment browser for python objects

This would be awesome! Once you've grown accustomed to it, inserting sections really helps to keep your code clear.