R session crashes

Hi, I am using a R studio in a server. Have been using it for many months. Recently, I experienced abnormal and abrupt crashes to the R session multiple times, one after another, and I couldn't continue doing my work. It also took long time to load with error message stating something like "error saving session (search path): R code execution error". Two days later, the problem disappeared and I could continue my work on R studio. But after a few days later...I face problem again. Now it is taking many hours to load ...showing error messages such as the one mentioned above. I tried to interrupt the session but couldn't. Initially, I could terminate R session (but session crashed shortly after that again). Now, when I tried to terminate the R session and clicked on the 'Yes' button, nothing happen.

May I check what is/are the likely cause(s) of this problem and how it can be resolved? Would greatly appreciate if someone can help. Thanks.

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