R Studio Cloud - file not loading

Hi all,

I am trying to open a file in my Rstudio Cloud account, and I get the following error (file does not open):

Task 579262282 failed: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 579262285 error: Unhandled Exception: {"message":"VolumeDriver.Mount: Error mounting volume_name='volume-1095762': Failed to map image='73a587a7-b1ef-4bfe-a2d7-e12488507e44': Error running command: 'sudo -u root rbd nbd map

Below is the link to the project:

Thanks in advance

Your rstudio cloud project is private, you have to change your access settings to "Everyone" in order for us to have access.

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Hi @sergeassaad,

As I'm sure you've probably noticed by now, this is a transient issue in our system due to a known bug. The issue should resolve itself in some time -- but I've checked on your particular instance and can confirm your project should not currently be in this state. Give a try to access it again and let us know if you have continued trouble!

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