R Studio Crashes & Loses Saved Changes When Previewing R Notebook

Hello, I'm having a repeated problem where previewing a R Notebook file (as an html notebook) is crashing R Studio. The first time this happened, I reopened the application and it asked me if I wanted to restore unsaved changes or revert to a previous save on other R scripts that were opened (sadly did not screenshot this) - and it deleted about 2 weeks of very certainly saved code from the file. Fortunately I'd moved a lot of the code over to the Notebook, which was intact.

Code involves a lot of ggplots and tidyverse script, and SQL queries deployed through RSQLite and DBI packages.

I'm not sure what to do about this except Save As every time I do a regular save or copy-paste all my code over to a Sublime file a few times a day?

I'm using a new Macbook Air 2020 and running the most recent version of everything, that I'm aware of.