R studio Desktop and R studio connect

Once a connection is established between Rstudio Desktop and Connect. If I publish a static or dynamic content whether the connect maintains a link to the original data source in desktop.
In other words whether publishing of a report to connect brings all the data associated with it to its memory. How does it happen? If we loose a report from R connect whether the associated data would also go and how do we recover it.


Hi Narayan,

When you publish a piece of content to RStudio Connect (RSC) all of the necessary pieces are carried up into the server so it can run independent of your desktop installation. So if you change your data on your desktop it will not be reflected on the RSC server. You can, however, retrieve the bundle that was uploaded if you are the publisher or a collaborator.

I think this would be something we could talk through on a call and demonstrate it. If you don't have a customer success rep, I'd recommend putting some time on one of our calendars via https://rstudio.chilipiper.com/book/schedule-time-with-rstudio.

Alternatively, contact your CS rep directly to set that up! It should be pretty straightforward. Could also talk about using git to support content deployments so anything changed in the git repository is reflected in the app content.

Thanks for the information josiah :slight_smile:

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