R studio does not connect with R

I used to use R studio. But recently I had problem in the connection. R studio doesn't respond at all. However, R is working.
I tried multiple times to un-install R and R studio, then to install R then R studio again in default spots.
But still having the problem!!!

Hope somebody help me to resolve this

Hi, and welcome!

What is your OS, and did you install RStudio from their site directly. (Using Anaconda, for example, can cause issues.)

Adding to what @technocrat has asked (what is your OS), this could also be caused by a faulty temporary session that is trying to be reloaded on startup. You might want to (backup and) delete your temporary session/project folder. Again, the location of this would be dependend on your OS. I am taking a wild guess that you're using Windows 10 (font in your screenshot) - then see if you have files under

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