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Warning up front, I know next to nothing about managing networks and servers...
I am developing an r package on my WIndows PC. I have a CentOS 7 VM running on another machine. I have installed RStudio Server and have confirmed that it is running. When I'm logged on to the VM, I open a browser in CentOS, type in localhost:8787 and RStudio Server works just fine. From my windows machine, which yes on the same network, I type in :8787 into the browser and just get "This site can't be reached took to long to respond."
I'm sure this is something super rudimentary for you network admins. I'd greatly appreciate any general guidance.


this is a port, not an machine address.
The 8787 port on your local machine wouldnt be what you are trying to access inyour local browser.
I'm not an admin myself, but perhaps try the IP address from the CentOS VM (preceding the port)

This is more related to your VM configuration rather than RStudio. Since this is a little bit out of topic and you haven't provided specifics about your setup, I can only give you this general advice.
The VM may or may not share the same IP as the hosting machine and you might need to explicitly grant access to the 8787 port or configure port forwarding towards the VM.

@andresrcs Agree, I understand this may not be an RStudio issue, but thought I'd ask just in case because I'm running an SQL server on that VM as well and I have no issues connecting to it from my other PC on my home LAN

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