R takes up all the memory

I am running R studio on Windows 10 machine. When I open it, it consumes 72% of my memory usage. The memory report says that most of the memory is taken from the system. So basically even before starting working on my session I already have little memory.
Problems started a few days ago when my R became slow and took a long time to run some commands that were previously running normally. It ventilates and does not respond anymore.
I deleted and reinstalled the newest version (4.1.1) but the issue persist.

How much memory does your computer have and how much memory is R Studio taking?

It's possible that it's preloading your work, one of your recent files from history. Did you deal with a large file recently? There may be a cache of that file preloading from somewhere.

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Yes indeed. The database iā€™m using is quite large. But before it was working fine.
My computer has 8GB RAM, and R takes around 300 MB when I launch it (with everything else closed), once I upload my dataset and try to run the code which is giving me problems (a regression with a factor for districts effects) it takes up to 2000MB, the computer ventilates and takes too long.

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