read.csv(file.choose()) creates weird tables with lots of ";;;;;". Why?


When I use the command:


and pick a .csv file with just one string of numbers and a header and then open the file in R I get a lot of ";;;;;" after each row. Why? See picture.


  • Could you share your csv file?
  • If you open your csv with excel what do you see?
  • try with read.csv2()

The result you get suggests your data is not formatted as "Comma Separated Values" (CSV) strictly speaking, or the file is malformed in some way. We would need to see your raw that in order to give you any specific advice.

Yes, maybe the file had a wrong format. I am aware however that it is important, but may have made a mistake when saving the file. I tried again today and now it seems to be working.

Thank you.

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