Reading JSON string using commandArgs on WIndows

Hello all,
I am having a problem reading a json string from command prompt in Windows using jsonlite. All I want to do is pass in a json string as a command line argument into an R script. I am running my rscript as:

Rscript test-command-line-in-windows.R '{"name":"John","age":31,"city":"New York"}' 

this returns the following error:

json_string contains:
'{name:John,age:31,city:New York}'

Error: lexical error: invalid char in json text.
                                       '{name:John,age:31,city:New Yor
                     (right here) ------^
Execution halted

the file test-command-line-in-windows.R has the following in it:


args <- commandArgs(TRUE)

json_string <- args[1]

# see what is captured by commandArgs
cat("\njson_string contains:\n")
cat(json_string, "\n\n")


It appears that Rscript in windows or just the command prompt in windows is removing all quotes.When I run this on Ubuntu everything works as expected.

Thanks for your help.

This works fine for me on Windows. Output:

$ Rscript test.R '{"name":"John","age":31,"city":"New York"}'

json_string contains:
{"name":"John","age":31,"city":"New York"}

[1] "John"

[1] 31

[1] "New York"

Hi Francis, thanks your help. Are you running it using command prompt?

I used the Terminal pane in RStudio.
I used a different name for your script but I didn't change its contents.
I'm on Windows 10.

Yeah I think the terminal used by Rstudio is bash. Unfortunately this script will need to be run by Rscript in command prompt.

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