Recording of R in Sports Analytics: RStudio Enterprise Community Meetup

Presentations by Mitch Tanney and Meghan Hall
Meetup recording here:

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Talk #1
Moving the Needle Toward Organizational Success
Presented by Mitch Tanney

Data analysis can and should influence decisions on the field, court, ice or pitch in the same way it impacts decisions in the boardroom. While the physical landscapes may vary, the objective to maximize the likelihood of successful organizational outcomes does not. Practical applications of data-driven, decision-making processes will serve as the framework for introducing attendees to the field of sports analytics.

Speaker Bio:
Prior to joining RStudio in Customer Success, Mitch chased a professional football playing career and later founded and led analytics departments for the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos. He was a member of the Super Bowl 50 World Championship team in Denver.

Talk #2
Extending R Markdown: from websites, slides, to PDFs, and more!

Speaker Bio:
Meghan Hall is a data scientist at Zelus Analytics and is currently teaching a course on data visualization at Carnegie Mellon University. Meghan contributes to the public sports analytics community by helping beginners learn R as well as by writing and presenting on various aspects of hockey analysis as a member of Hockey-Graphs.

Quick Announcement:
From Josh Orenstein, Senior Data Scientist at the NBA:
The NBA is launching its first-ever Future Analytics Stars Program and we would love to extend this opportunity to the R community. This program will feature six months of virtual content and engagement opportunities with key leaders across the NBA, WNBA and G League.

Through this program, participants will learn the ins and outs of sports business, basketball analytics, data visualization and receive real-time coaching and mentorship opportunities with NBA business leaders.

To apply, interested parties can submit their application through this webpage: Beamery Pages The application deadline is June 25th at 11:55 PM ET.