Recovering from an OS-caused crash. Also, autosave?

If RStudio or R crashes during a “save all” (actually, I hit save all and somehow started an update running). I believe this was a Windows 10 problem rather than an R/RStudio problem, as various Windows functions were then not working correctly due to some intensive graphics-related problems. .

However, on restarting R/Rstudio loaded .Rdata, but all the objects I created in the last eight hours were missing, as was all the history from that period. My working .R script included more – all but the last 4 hours. I think that was the last time Ii did a manual save.

Is there anyplace else to look that might have preserved some of the missing objects, history and/or R script?

Whether the answer is yes or know, I would also like to know if R or RStudio have an automatic backup feature I can turn on.

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