Remove cache memory on shiny app

Hello all,

I plug my shiny app with google cloud storage, when i change of file on the storage, the app does not change,
i would like to know how to clean up the cache memory,


if your file change between app restarts is unchanging I would understand you questioning the cache.
if your file change between app restarts does change, but file changes while your app is running are not consumed, then it sounds like not using 'Object change notification'

my app is deployed on,
the app read a file on google cloud storage, this file change every hours, but i do not see any change,
so this is cache memory, but i do not know how to clean it

Are you saying that you use object change notification, and use that to trigger a repull of the object, but then get the cached object and not the 'true one' ?
I really think you aren't using the object change notification feature of google cloud api, but I never used google cloud api myself, I just glanced at the documents.

I am not sure to understand,

I use storage API, i import the file, then read it on my www.
at every connnexion I use the API to get my file:



In the documentation there are mentions of 'notification'

look there ?

yes I saw, but it's not help me, i just want to see the change on my app

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