Rename chr value

I would like to rename chr label in a column :

df %>% 
  filter(station  == A1 & date == "xxxx-xx-xx")

I would like to rename the name of this station according to this filter.
I have infact several station named A1 but not having the same date. So I would like to rename these names
But I don't know what to do after this code

I would make a new column by doing something like df %>% dplyr::mutate(unique_station_date = paste(station, date, sep = '_')). Then you can use tidyr::pivot_wider on that new column to transform that column to names. There may be a better way to do this, but without a sample of your data it's hard to know.

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Thanks for your response !
Here an example of my df :

Station  Date    Depth
  A1  2021/05/14  250
  A1  2021/05/19  250 
  A2  2021/10/05  360
  A3  2021/08/16  360
  A4  2021/09/04  410
  A4  2021/09/04  230

So I want to distinct all my station considering the others column. Like the station A1 I want have A1(a) and A1(b) because they don't have the same date, I want A4(a) and A4(b) because they don't have the same depth.
And I have others differences like that

I don't understand how work your function ?

Thanks a lot

The following solution will be fine so long as no Station has more than 26 Dates associated, as then we would run out of letters a-z


(df_1 <- tibble::tribble(
  ~Station,        ~Date, ~Depth,
      "A1", "14/05/2021",   250L,
      "A1", "19/05/2021",   250L,
      "A2", "05/10/2021",   360L,
      "A3", "16/08/2021",   360L,
      "A4", "04/09/2021",   410L,
      "A4", "04/09/2021",   230L

(df_2 <- group_by(df_1,
                  Station) |> 
    mutate(unique_station_name =ifelse(n()>1,
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Great, thank you !
How to make it apply only to specific columns?
For example if I have columns of environmental variables and I only want to distinguish my stations in relation to the date, depth and time columns for example?