reverse the name string from extracting mail

I am looking for a script to extract name from email. and then reverse the name string for example email = then extract ram.singh.tak from email and replace "." with space like ram singh tak and then mutate data frame with new column with reverse name like tak singh ram

I am trying to make it dynamic so that it will detect separator dynamically by user provided separator

df <-  data.frame(name= c("ali wing sam","nick jone","mak liam","r mush","sink dude"),
                  Email = c("","","","",""))

separator = " "

df <- df %>% mutate(across(c(name,Email), tolower)) %>% mutate(email_name1 = str_extract(Email, '.*(?=@)')) %>% 
mutate(email_name1 = str_replace_all(email_name1, "\\.", separator)) %>%
mutate(email_name = str_extract(Email, '.*(?=@)')) %>% separate(col = email_name, into = c('f','s','l'), sep = '\\.') %>%
mutate(l = replace_na(l,''), email_name_rev = str_c(l,s,f, sep = separator)) %>% select(-c("f","s","l")) df$email_name_rev <- str_squish(df$email_name_rev) 
df <- df %>% mutate(match1 = +(name == email_name_rev | name == email_name1))

I am trying to match name and name in email after extracting name from email and reverse of name in email . sometimes separator can be comma "," or "." or " "space in name column. thats why i am giving input parameter as separator for user

is there any solution updation for my code...???

the output be like below


what do you mean by this?

I mean output is not coming , sorry

I ran your code and received output.
Perhaps your session needs restarting

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