rgl installation fails

I have been unable to install rgl 0.107.14 from source on my Windows 10 (up-to-date) desktop. The installation goes well until it gets to the very end, where it hangs.

*** copying figures
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
(no further output for more than 30 minutes)

The Task Manager shows no CPU usage by RStudio, but there is no further output unless I escape out of the installation. Same behavior with native R.

R version 4.1.1, RStudio Version 1.4.1717. Windows 10 (up-to-date).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Larry Hunsicker

I can't replicate your issue, I just installed rgl under the same setup (Windows 10, R 4.1.1, RStudio 1.4.1717), are you running RStudio as "administrator"? maybe you have some sort of access permissions problem.

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