RMarkdown does not knit document: Error: attempt to use zero-length variable name

Hello everyone,

I really need your help. I am writing a paper for university and now i don't manage to knit my document in Rstudio for RMarkdown. I also tried to knit a new empty document and it gives me the same error, so I guess it can't be my code that is wrong.

I just recently updated RStudio with a new Version and downloaded Latex, because before this error it showed me errors that were related to these issues.

Here the error message:
Error: attempt to use zero-length variable name
Execution halted

I will appreciate any help!
Thanks a lot!


could you share an example ? Are you able to knit the default Rmarkdown document you get when you create a new Rmd document ?

To which format are you trying to knit ?

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Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. Yesterday the problem resolved itself. Before it got solved I was trying to knit a PDF, but nothing worked, neither html or word. Also when I tried a new default Rmarkdown document it did not work.
I didn't change anything in the R settings, time simply passed and in the end it worked again. :thinking:
The error was always this one:
Error: attempt to use zero-length variable name
Execution halted
Would be interesting to know what the problem was, but I am happy it is resolved now.
Thank you for your answer!

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