RMarkdown Param Functions

Dear all,

i have some questions related to the YAML param functions

I have two input parameter which I have defined as lineNumber and date.
My first question is

  • Can I make the inputs dependent on each other? For example if I choose a line number then my year will pop up.
    Second question is
  • How can I create two slider points for the specific dates? For example I have a slider which range from 01-Jan-2021 till 01-Aug-2021. I would like to choose a specified date range within the slider range. So for example
    23-July-2021 till 27-July-2021. How can I do that? I know it is possible for the years but I was not able to figure out the date.
    label: "Choose a line number:"
    value: lineNumber
    input: select
    choices: [FL2, FL3, FL4]
    label: "Year"
    value: 2017
    input: slider
    min: 2010
    max: 2020
    step: 1
    sep: ""

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