Rmarkdown preview not shown with special symbol contaminated paths


Hi, sadly my non data/programming literate colleagues love to use file paths including special characters (e.g. §, &) in folder names. Also we are based in Germany so we also have umlauts (ä,ö,ü) which, you guessed it, also are used in folder names. (Cursed be Windows for allowing such nonsense).


When I have an Rproject within a directory/subdirectory with such "unclean" paths the inline preview of html based Rmarkdown elements (e.g. knitr preview, tibble preview, DT::datatable, plotly) isn't shown. The code just runs without error, but no preview is shown.

When I move the entire Rproject in a directory which only uses clean path names the preview works. I suspect that the html server/instance/browser? which serves Rstudios markdown preview simply doesnt reach Rstudio due to broken pathing with umlauts.

Is there a workaround/solution except moving projects or changing path names? I would santize the path names within a heartbeat but then my colleagues (50+) will not be happy. Also, I cant store some projects on my directory since it belongs into a folder with unclean paths.


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