Rselenium on rstudio Server not working

I want to use RSelenium for web scraping. Doing it localy it works fine as i can simply use a browser i have installed. However i can´t run RSelenium in my RStudio Cloud Project because there is no browser to use, is there some way to provide a browser so i can run it?

remDrAll <- rsDriver(port = 4567L, browser = "chrome")
remDr <- remDrAll$client

Error message:

[1] "unknown error: cannot find Chrome binary\nBuild info: version: '4.0.0-alpha-2', revision: 'f148142cf8', time: '2019-07-01T21:30:10'\nSystem info: host: '', ip: 'Unknown', 'Linux', os.arch: 'amd64', os.version: '3.10.0-1160.25.1.el7.x86_64', java.version: '1.8.0_292'\nDriver info: driver.version: unknown\nremote stacktrace: #0 0x55aa22b63ab3 \n#1 0x55aa228d73d8 \n#2 0x55aa228f801f \n#3 0x55aa228f57ca \n#4 0x55aa2292f497 \n#5 0x55aa229297e3 \n#6 0x55aa22900163 \n#7 0x55aa22901215 \n#8 0x55aa22b8f98e \n#9 0x55aa22ba3052 \n#10 0x55aa22ba42ac \n#11 0x55aa22b90a64 \n#12 0x55aa22ba47da \n#13 0x55aa22b86fbb \n#14 0x55aa22bbe2d8 \n#15 0x55aa22bbe458 \n#16 0x55aa22bd7f3d \n#17 0x7fa819b74ea5 start_thread\n"


I think this will not be an easy task. If you have full control over the server, you can try and install the chromium driver and run Selenium in headless mode as suggested in this post, but I have never tried that and the example shown is for python.

Since it seems that your project is on the RStudio cloud, you will not have permissions or access to any other software, so I'm sure this won't work.

Hope this helps,

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