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I need help troubleshooting a scenario where we are trying to serve an package on enterprise github to Rstudio Package Manager (RSPM). We've been following this section of the admin guide and were able to import an ssh key to authenticate to github enterprise. However, when the following add command is run, the result is simply: No builds found. I haven't found many others on the web with this issue, so I thought I'd create this post. Is the R process not launching to build the package? If so, why?

user@machine$ rspm add --source=internal-github --git-build-trigger=tags --git-ssh-key=myKey

DEPRECATION: Using `rspm add` to create git-builders is deprecated.

Please use `rspm create git-builder` instead.

Cloning repo and waiting for initial package builds...

This could take some time depending on the size of the repo and the number of package builds...

No builds found.

Okay, solved my own issue. It looks like RSPM didn't like the "tags" git-build-trigger, so I changed it to "commits" and the package build executed as expected. Not sure why "tags" didn't work. It was literally in the admin guide, verbatim.


Thanks so much for reaching out. Since you are using our enterprise product, you can directly reach out to our Support team at and the team would be able to provide assistance.


Thanks for the reminder @Gagandeep_Singh. This topic is still relevant in case other community members run into the same road block. Plus, I already found a solution (Yay)!

One detail that is quite little hidden in the documentation: The git builder will not build for all tags, but only if the tag has the right structure: The tag has to agree with the version number of the package. You are only allowed to add a little "v" up front, but that's it.

There is also an option "". I'm not sure how it works, though, and the default value is not shown in the documentation.

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