rStudio 1.2.1226 issue on windows 10 with Nvidia Quadro FX 3500

Thanks to all. I am new to the community so I do not know how to search. I am not sure if this issue is reported.

I am very excited about the rStudio 1.2. I tried it several versions but each time I can only get the rStudio main frame when I open it. After digging into the issue further, I am suspecting that it may be my video card issue? I am using an old Nvidia Quadro FX 3500 card.

Does anyone have the same issue? Thanks a lot.

Try holding down the Ctrl key while launching RStudio. This should present you with a small dialog where you can configure R, as well as the graphics rendering engine used by RStudio.

Does switching to software rendering help? If it does, then it may indeed be some sort of compatibility issue between RStudio and your graphics card.

Are your graphics card drivers up-to-date?

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