Rstudio 1.4.1717 still running as Intel cpu on Mac M1

I thought the new RStudio release 1.4.1717 is supposed to natively support Mac M1.
Just installed the new version, but it still says Intel under activity manager in Big Sur.
I've also updated R to the newest version 4.1.
Have I done something wrong when installing since it is still showing as Intel?
(I downloaded and upgraded the version, I did not uninstall the previous version)

There are a couple of possibilities:

First, are you using the M1 (arm64) build of R? You need to do that before RStudio will start using native mode:

Secondly, only the parts of RStudio that work with R itself are native (arm64) code. Activity Monitor will show you that the main RStudio executable (rstudio) is Intel, but the process that actually connects to R (rsession) should run native code once you've installed R for arm64.

To be clear, the new release doesn't provide native versions of all RStudio components; it just lets you run the native version of R inside RStudio so your R code runs at full/native speed. Hope that helps! We're working on a fully native version of RStudio and hope to have it available later this year.

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Thanks for clarifying. Looking forward for native version of RStudio .
The new version works great with R 4.1.

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