Rstudio base R 4.2.0 occur errors with package dplyr

matching data with full_join/left_join occurs errors as this:

I have try to re-install package,but it's the same as it.
when change the version 4.1.3,it works normally.

anyone here knows the problem about it :dizzy_face:

To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

thanks for your concerns.
test eg. as follow:

iris_test1 <- iris %>% group_by(Species) %>% summarise(Petal.Length_mean_value=mean(Petal.Length))
iris_test2 <- iris %>% group_by(Species) %>% summarise(Petal.Width_mean_value=mean(Petal.Width))

iris_test_result <- iris_test1 %>% full_join(iris_test2,by='Species')


can you run


and share the results ?

I can't reproduce your issue, the code you have provided runs as expected on my setup (R 4.2.0 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, dplyr 1.0.9), see this reprex.


iris_test1 <- iris %>%
    group_by(Species) %>%
    summarise(Petal.Length_mean_value = mean(Petal.Length))

iris_test2 <- iris %>%
    group_by(Species) %>%
    summarise(Petal.Width_mean_value = mean(Petal.Width))

iris_test1 %>%
    dplyr::full_join(iris_test2, by = 'Species')
#> # A tibble: 3 × 3
#>   Species    Petal.Length_mean_value Petal.Width_mean_value
#>   <fct>                        <dbl>                  <dbl>
#> 1 setosa                        1.46                  0.246
#> 2 versicolor                    4.26                  1.33 
#> 3 virginica                     5.55                  2.03

Created on 2022-05-12 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

As Nir says, maybe the full_join() function is being masked by another package, to test this theory you can run the code this way:

iris_test1 %>%
    dplyr::full_join(iris_test2, by = 'Species')

just one.

A single object matching ‘full_join’ was found
It was found in the following places
with value

function (x, y, by = NULL, copy = FALSE, suffix = c(".x", ".y"), 
    ..., keep = FALSE) 

thanks,something wrong possibly,mine is win system.
I tried it,it's the same.
I have changed verison 4.1.3,that's it,no need to be in trouble of it.

Have you updated your R version to 4.2.0 from a previous version? Maybe you forgot to update your package library as well so packages are compiled for the newer version.

update.packages(checkBuilt =TRUE)