RStudio being slow when working on cloud drive

Hello, RStudio's been running real slow for me lately, from what I found it could be linked to the fact that I am now working with files backed in my Google Drive? However I did not find useful solutions so far. The following topics seem to be addressing the same issue, but they're now closed:

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I'm mainly working with Rmd documents executing R code, and not using git.

RStudio Version 1.4.1106
R version 4.0.3
macOS Catalina version 10.15.7

If you're picking up big files from a network location, it takes time to transfer them over a network. It might be helpful to make any saved data you're loading into small files by compressing them into a serialized binary file.

write_rds(compress = "xz")

These .rds files get very small, making them quick to transfer over a network, and they decompress almost instantly when opened with read_rds().

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