Rstudio can't launch on windows 10



Installed Rstudio 1.1.456. BUt it can't launch on windows 10. JUst a blank screen. I linked it to R 3.5.1


There's a nice troubleshooting guide here:

If the issue persists, those guides have info you'll want to bring back here (e.g., your system info, more info describing your issue,)


Thanks for the post. The issue I am having with "RStudio doesn't launch in Windows 10" still persistent. It did ask me to chose R version when started. After I chose (either R3.5.1 32bit or 64 bit), it only bring up a blank RStudio. I am running windows 10.


Some system and error information is usually helpful in diagnosing problems like this:

Error information

General description
The output of RStudio.Version()
Error messages
Log files (See here)
Crash Report (See here)
Attempted steps taken to fix
Have you successfully launched RStudio in the past?