RStudio cloud, experience with many users simultaneously?

Dear fellow R- aficionados,

Soon, I will be giving a 3-hour code along workshop in Deep Learning using in R using TensorFlow via Keras, where I expect around 100 participants. I.e. install Keras and Tidyverse and some code from my GitHub rep.

In order to avoid local installation issues, I plan to let the workshop participants create an RStudio Cloud account each and then run the entire workshop from there.

  • Can RStudio Cloud manage this many users simultaneously?
  • Is there anything in particular I need to be aware of?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: is currently limited to 1GB of RAM so you won't even be able to run MNIST. Your best best is to set up EC2 GPU instances for the participants.

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Thanks for your answer @kevinykuo, where can I find some information on doing so? :+1:

Ps. I am working in academia and this workshop and this workshop is completely free and hosted by the CopenhagenR useR community

You can just launch a pre-made AMI ready to use like this one but it's not free, the free tier on AWS also has the 1GB of RAM limitation.

Here is a nice post about how to do it

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