RStudio Cloud for teaching students



Hi! Could you please describe if and how RStudio Cloud can be used for teaching R programming in RStudio to students in the university? What are the benefits of doing so?

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RStudio Cloud can definitely be used for teaching R programming to university students. We've had a number of professors working with it since last fall, and they tell us it's gone very well. Some of the benefits are that there's no need for the professors to spend time setting up and managing servers, and for the students there's no software to install. There are also a number of features that make distributing, and reviewing, class assignments easy. The best way to learn more would be to look at the Cloud Guide ( - and be sure to review the section titled "Using Private Spaces in Courses and Workshops".

Hope this helps - and let us know if you have more questions.


Who should university instructors contact about increasing the number of students we can host in the private space? RStudio notes:

"Each account is allocated one private space, with up to 3 members and 5 projects. You can submit a request to the RStudio Cloud team for more capacity if you hit one of these space limits, and we will do our best accomodate you."

I expect to have scores of students in class the first day and, on that first day, I hope to have them playing with data, similar to the description here:


Sounds great - and good question. When you encounter a limit (either by trying to add > 3 members or > 5 projects), you'll get prompted to request additional capacity. Just fill out the requested information - if you enter the course name, topic and at what university, how many students you expect to have, a rough idea of the total number of projects you expect to create with your students, and when the course will run, we'll receive your request and set you up so you have what you need.