RStudio Cloud hangs on open/not loading at all

#1 won't load at all. It just hangs with the message "Loading..." printed in the browser. I'm on MS Edge v.41.16299.967.0.

The Edge web console gives the following error on page load:
" uncaught at b at b
TypeError: Unable to get property 'get' of undefined or null reference
at Anonymous function (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:425439)
at M (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:298568)
at Anonymous function (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:298356)
at e[t] (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:298741)
at O (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:64238)
at b (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:64078)
at _ (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:69427)
at Anonymous function (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:1:140417)
at n (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:1:98)
at Anonymous function (URL/js/app.4d2a51fa94d9a954c10a.js:46:293827)"

(I had to replace the base URL with "URL" due to posting restrictions)

Could that be of any significance?

Many thanks in advance!



Hello @prenumerant,

I'm sorry this is happening. Thank you for including that error message and your browser details, that's very helpful information. Are you able to open RStudio Cloud using a different browser? I suspect it's an issue with Edge, although I'm not yet sure if it's specific to the version you're running.

Thanks so much,



Update: I am able to load RStudio Cloud using MS Edge 42.17134 (the current version is 44.17763). I'm still working on identifying what, exactly, is causing RStudio Cloud not to load with the version you are running, but either a more recent version of MS Edge or a different browser ought to work. I hope that helps.



Hello @mel,

Thanks a lot for your help! Unfortunately it seems that my employer won't let me install any other browser than MS IE 11 and Edge, so I'll only be able to run it via any of those browsers.

I'm starting to think that it could possibly be a firewall error or something similar, i.e. that some sub-service is blocked by my employer's firewall. I'm sad to say that my web browser troubleshooting skills aren't the best... Do you have any idea how I could find out whether this is the case? If so I could probably convince them to unblock the domain in question.