RStudio Cloud - Ubuntu 16.04 EOL on Sept 13, 2021

In February, we upgraded the operating system used by new projects to Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal). This ensures that you can use the latest versions of R and Python packages with confidence that the underlying operating system has the features they require.

Existing projects were not affected by this change. But beginning September 13th, 2021 we will automatically upgrade any project still using the older OS to Ubuntu 20.04 when the project is opened.

For most of you, no action on your part is necessary - the upgrade will happen automatically the next time you open an older project. However, if you have a shared space with a base project or assignment projects that use the older OS, we recommend that you upgrade them to the newer OS. If they are NOT upgraded, each time a project gets created from them, the new project will need to get upgraded. This will happen automatically, but the upgrade process will take additional time every time you create a project. If you upgrade the base and/or assignment projects, new projects made from them will be initialized with the new OS, and will not have to go through the time consuming upgrade process.

To upgrade an existing base project after September 13th, simply open it and the upgrade will happen automatically. To upgrade an existing project before September 13th, open the project, open the Settings panel, select the System tab, select Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) as your operating system, and press the Apply Changes button.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for using RStudio Cloud.

It seems like my project was automatically updated today as stated in this article. I didn't know this and had not previously updated my projects. The students in my class are now unable to open their assignments - any idea how to fix this? I can open their projects and update them for them but then they get an error saying they do not have permission to open their own assignment.

Hi Jennifer

Can you open a support ticket with the details about which projects and screenshots of the errors if possible?


My students are having the same problem when they try to open projects previously derived from assignments made in Ubuntu 16.04. Initially, they see the notice concerning the OS upgrade, but after clicking "OK," they get a notice that they "do not have access." Like Jenifer, I can see their projects and upgrade them.

Interesting fact: Although students do not have access to their projects, when I open them I can see that they have been upgraded to v 20.04.

I appreciate help with this matter.

There was a bug in our permission checks that affected some applications. We have fixed the bug so this shouldn't be an issue any longer, but please let us know if you are still seeing issues with that. Sorry for the disruption in your work.


After this change, I had a message to reinstall some libraries for a project. I cannot because I keep getting error messages.

the caret library and dplyr are in particular causing problems.
I can reinstall caret, but then I cannot load it.

Hello- after RStudio Cloud updated to Ubuntu 20.04, I am no longer able to run code dependent on the libpng 12-0 library. I have tried to upload this library but do not have the permissions to install it in my workspace. Does anyone have work-around for this problem? Thanks in advance!