rstudio::conf 2020 workshops

I'm trying to decide between several workshops before the rstudio::conf this January. Is conference website only has the course name and instructors. Is there any more detail available about the content of the courses to help me make the decision?

If you are thinking about the Applied Machine Learning workshop, it will be about 50% similar to the previous notes found here. The main difference is that will be using all tidymodels infrastructure this time around, inlcuding the new tuning framework (so probably no caret).

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You can find full descriptions of each conference workshop on this rstudio::conf(2020L) page.

Perhaps the confusing part is that you need to click on the workshop title for the description to become visible.

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Thanks @Max . Your's is one of the ones I'm thinking about =).

And, Thank you @EconomiCurtis for the helpful link.

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